For 12 years I have been accompanying people of all ages on the path to their inner truth, voice, sensuality and body liberation. My 25 years of stage experience and following life impulses accompany me constantly and flow into my work.

2021 Somatic Breath Work / 5 Rythms Retreat / Odenwald
2020/21 Coaching - and Healer Training with Djamila Metiche / Consciousness Workshop Cologne
Seit 2020 Energy work and karma release with Loredana Morleo / Cologne
2020/21 Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga with Birgit Schneider / Bad Tölz
Seit 2020 Bowspring Yoga with Smiljana Primorac / Bol / Croatia
2020/21 Women Pleasure Empowerment with Jennifer Lukas / Bremen
Seit 2020 Work with the Franklin Method / Susanne Fromme / Bonn, Stuttgart
2020/21 YinYoga with Jessica Rose / Munich
2020/21 Concert examination in voice with Prof. Angelika Luz / Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts
2020 Master's degree in vocal pedagogy / Detmold University of Music
2019/2020 Research project (over 3 months) "Personality development based on sensory voice and body education with seniors"
2019/2020 Teaching position for voice / Detmold University of Music
2019-2021 Shamanic trance dance with Christian Leip / Frankfurt am Main
2019 Masterclass Alexander Technique with Robert Britton / San Francisco, Detmold University of Music
2019 Masterclass Alexander Technique with Jessica Wolf / New York, Detmold University of Music
2018/19 Voice teacher / teacher training / Waldorf Association Dortmund
2012-2020 Kundalini Yoga with Dorothea Geipel / Detmold
2015-2019 Holistic Body Presence Training with Dorothea Geipel / Detmold
Since 2015 Sivananda Yoga / Center Maya Detmold
2012-2019 Work with the Alexander Technique with Annette Brockgreitens / Bad Salzuflen
2011-2019 Self-experience in biodynamic body psychotherapy/trauma therapy with Mathea Stern / Munich
2017 Artistic bachelor degree in opera/concert / Detmold University of Music
2012-2015 Work with the Feldenkrais Method with Vincent Lévesque / Detmold
Since 2010 Vocal training Bel Canto with Susanne Winter / Munich
2009-2012 Work with the "Linklater Voice - Technique" with Nicola Tiggeler / Munich
Since 2008 Self-experience in osteopathy with Barbara Kaiser / Munich
2009 Abitur examination in the subject piano / Music Theresia- Gerhardinger-Gymnasium, Munich
1998-2009 Private piano lessons with Alexander Osthelder and Thomas Krehahn, Munich
1994-2012 External dance training at the Royal Academy of Dance/London
1990 *born in Munich/Germany